Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pick Your Battle by Douglas Lain

Pick Your Battle - Your Guide to Urban Foraging, Hollywood Movies, Late Capitalism and the Communist Alternative
by Douglas Lain

Review by Ramona Wadi

Pick Your Battle is profound, defining the self beyond the immediate realm of capitalism and the incarceration it creates. To search within the confines of capitalism makes one realise that the search is futile, that the word even loses its definition within the contemporary realm of language and its use.

A realm of thought, delving from within, becoming an immediate alternative reality, Lain presents philosophy as an accessible medium which one can live and interact with consciously. The aim is not to provide any conclusive answers, but to encourage thought and its exploration. Drawing on the works of well known philosophers, in particular Guy Debord, the author has the ability to encourage meditation, to draw the reader into observation and retaliate against a flimsy cocoon that is sheltering the individual from an alternative philosophy.

The alternative to the alienation smothering our capitalist clouded lives was always apparent, yet it serves an alienated society to distance an individual from an obvious alternative. Capitalism does not allow the individual to recognise his own entrapment in a system that creates commodities and transforms humanity into servitude. To quote Lain, "Power floats weightless and is always out of the line of sight." To delve beyond the illusion of power, we require a new consciousness that embraces its relevance to history.

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