Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Join The Club - Tina Rosenberg

Join The Club - How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World
by Tina Rosenberg
Icon Books, 2011

Review by Ramona Wadi

A book which will remain relevant for as long as communities are stifled or marginalised, Join The Club delves into various societal conflicts in order to impart a detailed account and structure of social responsibility.

From HIV awareness in South Africa, the law of castes in India to an overview of military dictatorships and an account of Slobodan Milosevic's fall from power, Rosenberg affirms that underestimating positive peer pressure results in eliminating the appreciation of a partial societal dynamic.

While far from guaranteeing a solution, peer pressure may create inroads where media publicity and speeches from governmental organisations fail to register any substantial awareness. Society relates to experience - the experience of like-minded people in an adverse situation and a tangible course of action.

Activism is a collective effort which should be constructed as an efficient tool for society, which is far removed from the consciousness of local governance and politics. Society's evolution through the years has been marked with defiance, passiveness, acquiescence and open revolt. All too often, individual efforts at communicating a philosophy or ideology remains cloistered within a specific realm to be embraced by a few like-minded individuals. The structure of activism ensures that any particular message is directed to the segment of society which constructs a necessary course of action to combat any harmful hegemony.

Rosenberg's account of positive peer pressure and activism is as much historical as contemporary. As injustice and suffering in the world continues to accumulate, so must activists embrace and devise new methods of combating adversities in a manner that is accessible and prominent in order to ensure a continuous, functional safeguard for the marginalised people in society.

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